Does Weed Have Calories?

There is a common understanding that cannabis consumption increases the risk of weight gain. While the use of cannabis can trigger a case of “the munchies” in some people, causing an intake of additional calories, in reality, regular consumers of cannabis tend not to be affected by increased weight. Obesity appears less frequently among cannabis consumers in general, according to some studies.

To be clear, cannabis itself does not add to caloric intake in any significant way. But it also depends on how cannabis is consumed as to the calories counted. Smoking weed with a weed pipe in Canada does not add calories for the smoker, however, when consumed in edible forms, like gummies, brownies, cookies, and the like, those calories consumed come from the food products themselves.

Slimmer Cannabis Users

It has been found that consumers of cannabis tend to have slimmer waistlines than those who have never used it. This holds true even after taking into account certain factors like age, gender, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and levels of physical activity. HDL levels also appear to be higher in cannabis users, which is a good thing, than those who do not. And most significantly, cannabis consumers have a 16% lower insulin level, and a 17% reduction in insulin resistance, regardless of how much was cannabis was used.

This insulin control helps to regulate weight, which can be a factor for diabetes and a thinner waistline, although it is not yet understood why. Further study is required to determine whether or not cannabis can help treat diabetes and work for weight loss.

Keeping the Calories from Your Edibles in Check

We’ve established that weed itself does not carry calories, but how it is consumed matters. Obviously, cookies, chocolate bars, and similar high-calorie snacks that are used as edibles to hold cannabis can add significant calories to any diet.

For this reason, some prepared edible products are now being produced that offer healthier options for your cannabis consumption. You can now find dried fruit, glazed nuts, crackers, and broths with cannabis-infused directly into them. These healthier edibles are becoming more readily available, so there is no longer a need to eat fatty foods to consume your cannabis.

Choose Wisely When the Munchies Strike

While feeling hungry shortly after consuming cannabis is very common, that doesn’t mean you have to grab a pizza or bag of chips. By keeping healthy food choices on hand, you can avoid the weight gain that comes with junk food. Switch out the chips for a bag of carrots or the French fries for an apple, and the caloric intake can be dramatically reduced.

With growing concerns about healthier choices, it makes sense to think about whether or not weed has calories. Weight gain is not a concern with regard to the weed itself, but how it is consumed and the habits around it. Smoking weed will not add calories, but the food choices you make when taking in edibles can significantly affect caloric intake.