Why is Weed Dry?

While there are many varieties of cannabis, some offering various levels of THC, and others offering degrees of CBD, and others still offering a combination of both, they all have one thing in common. It is important for all forms of cannabis to be dried. But it’s not just a matter of drying the weed, as it must be done properly to maintain the quality of the final product.

Once the cannabis buds are harvested, it’s time to dry them appropriately so that their effectiveness can be locked in and even improved.

As freshly cut cannabis flowers contain those properties that you are looking for, they cannot be accessed unless you can take them from their green, inactive state to a usable state that brings out all of its benefits. Whether it’s THC for relaxation or CBD for pain management, unlocking these components can only be done by first drying the harvested plant the right way before it drops into a weed pipe Canada!

Overview of the Drying Process

To activate the properties of the harvested cannabis flower, it must be dried for 10 to 15 days, depending on the volume and the location. The flowers are usually hung upside down to allow all the THC and CBD to gather at the tips, so there is no waste. Doing this also helps to prevent mold on the product.

When the flowers are dried, they will need to go through a curing process. This will result in the most flavourful buds possible. The process itself essentially rots the chlorophyll so that the resulting weed does not taste green or fresh. That freshness is what is characteristic of flowers that have been forced to dry through heat or have been harvested too soon. After the chlorophyll has rotted, the weed will look less green and more like the dry yellow or brown that you are looking for.

Dry Bud Usage

The drier the buds, the more light-weight they become, so you can get more volume for your money with drier weed. Some believe that when buds are too dry that they are inferior, but this is not necessarily the case. They may have been left to dry longer than needed or they may have fewer trichomes, which are the minuscule hairs that make buds sticky. The good news is, these dry flowers are perfect for baking to active the THC, so they are excellent to use for edibles.

A Note About Sticky Cannabis Buds

When you are looking for quality rather than quantity, you want those buds that are not quite so dry. These are perfect for getting the most out of your THC when smoking, or when you’re looking for oils.

As you can see, cannabis has many uses, many varieties, and many ways to consume it. But to get the true essence out of every bud, the weed must be dried appropriately. Without drying the weed buds, they are no better than those growing on your lawn.